First and foremost this will be a world car which means it will be on sale everywhere and in greater numbers than the last model. Why is this good? Because more cars = lower price which means this hot hatch will be more affordable than ever. The next bit to be excited about is the all wheel drive system - yes, finally a car that Ford can put directly against the Volkwagon Golf R which is the undisputed benchmark in this category. Third, for the purists - this one only comes in 6 speed manual. No auto, no flappy paddle nonsense, just a six speed shifter and a clutch - the way it should be. I could bore you with the specifics of the clever all wheel drive system and the whopping 320HP turbo 2.3 litre engine among other things but a picture is worth a thousand words so have a bit of a look at these and if you want to read the press release in more detail you can check out the Top Gear write up here. Or maybe even the story from Car Advice here.


So where do I put my name down for one?


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