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Cortina Nationals 2017

The 2nd Cortina Nationals - 9th, 10th and 11th of June 2017

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the MK2 Cortina in Australia.

All Cortinas welcome.

Event hosted by the Cortina Mark One Owners Club of Australia

For more information visit the CMOOC website

Words and photos by HBFG Events Coordinator, Tim Solly.
Hi all. The rain might have dampened most spirits on Saturday but the most hard core of us ventured out and took on the hill.
Personally, I think I had more fun in these conditions, challenging myself to control the right foot and improve my times. Thanks to all that came & also to Troy for providing shelter and some pics.
On behalf of HBFG I'd like to thank Greg Hunter, MG Car Club, the officials and voluhnteers that made the day possible.
Keep an eye out for the full story in the Sporty Note.

Now that Ford is finally taking orders for the all new Focus RS, you may enjoy having a look at a documentary that has been released which shows how this remarkable little performance car was developed.  I have added all 8 parts of the series to the hbfg video gallery for your viewing pleasure.  Merry Christmas everyone. Click here to go straight to the gallery.