All Information Necessary to Join the Club are in the articles in the Membership Menu Where you are reading NOW

  1. Read The HBFG Mission statement – (Membership / HBFG Mission Statement)

  2. If you are joining to register a vehicle through the club you should be familiar with the RMS regulations. (Membership / Section 6 of the Constitution)

    • This outlines the club rules to comply to RMS regulations for use of the vehicle
  1. Down load and complete a Membership Application form (Membership / Membership and Vehicle Registration Forms)

  2. One Vehicle registration form is with the membership form.

    • Additional Vehicle registration forms can be downloaded from the save menu.

  3. Scan the forms and send to the club email address or the membership secretary listed in (About / Contact us) or mail the forms to the Club Po Box.

  4. Pay the appropriate subscription, using one of the three methods indicated below or on the Membership Form.

  • Use web site Paypal facility – (Membership menu / Join HBFG / Renew Your Membership Subscription) and select the appropriate fee plan
  • Pay direct into the club Newcastle Permanent account.
  • If you mail your application to the Club PO BOX you can also include a checque, however the box is not cleared daily and a response may be delayed
  • Renewal Due Date 31st march each year
  • Renewal for existing members $50,00
  • New member joining from 1st March to 31st September $70.00 ($20 Admin Fee)
  • New member joining from 1st October to 31st March $45.00 ($20 Admin Fee)


Club Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Club Bank Account details Hunter British Ford Group
  • Newcastle Permanent Building Society
  • BSB 650300
  • Account # 982532718
  • Please use your name for the reference so that we can track the payer.
  • Mailing details Hunter British Ford Group
  • PO Box 2051
  • Greenhills NSW 2323

Membership is not guaranteed and is subject to approval by the committee,

  • If your application is not accepted then your subscription will be refunded.

  • Membership does not automatically guarantee that any vehicle you own will be accepted for club registration and is conditional that the vehicle fits the profile of the club.

  • All vehicles registered through the club MUST comply with the RMS rules for Historic or Classic vehicle registration.

  • All vehicles registered through the club must have a current Pink Slip for registration and be sited each year by the registrar or designated person for compliance.