How to Join the club


Joining the Hunter British Ford Group is easy and we welcome new and existing members to participate in the club activities.

Although owners of any vehicle can join the philosophy of the club is to encourage the preservation and participation of early fords in original condition. Historic registration is restricted to vehicles in original condition.  Modified vehicles will need to comply to the specific regulations for the category

I suggest that you read the HBFG Mission Statement that can be opened from the membership submenu

From the top menu you should download “section 6 of the constitution”, you must agree to the conditions if you wish to register and use a vehicle on the club registration.

To join you should

  • Select download and print a membership form from the link at the top of the page
  • Fill in the membership form and mail it to the physical address shown of the membership form. Snail mail can take time to complete so it you have the tools you can
  • scan it and email a copy to the Membership Secretary which is usually much quicker.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Payment can be either by direct deposit to the club account or through the web site using Paypal

Direct deposit

  • Details of the club bank account are at the bottom of the membership form
  • When payment is made use your name as the reference and send a copy of the deposit receipt with the membership form to the membership secretary 

Payment by paypal

  • If payment is made by the paypal option send the membership form to the membership secretary
  • from the top menu select                                             Pay for a subscription
  • Select                                                                               buy now                   
  • Complete the account information
  • Proceed to Payment and follow the prompts.


Vehicle registration on the Club Registration

If you wish to use the club registration system you will need to complete a Vehicle registration form for each vehicle.

You can down load the form from the link at the top of the page.  All vehicles need to be sighted by the club registrar each year they are registered with the club to ensure their pedigree.

The registrar will also need sufficient information to ensure that each vehicle is registered in the correct category.

Historic registration is strictly limited to vehicles in original condition and must be used in accordance with the club rules.

Club registration is not a means to get cheap registration for vehicles in daily use.



Regards and welcome

 From the club committee