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Recently the committee was made aware of several police related incidents involving member of other clubs who participate in the historic conditional vehicle registration scheme, or club rego as we call it. This highlighted to us the fact that there is a great potential for people to break the rules of the scheme whether deliberately or inadvertently) causing themselves embarrassment and potentially damaging our club’s standing with the RMS. To that end we thought it was time for us to provide a reminder to everyone of their rights and responsibilities regarding the club registration scheme. To keep things simple I have broken this down into 3 sections: What you CAN do; What you CAN’T do; and What you MUST do.

What you CAN do:
- Use your vehicle to attend official club events (the ones listed in our calendar of events)
- Use your vehicle to attend events run by other clubs to which HBFG have been officially invited (you should have a flyer or an email from us and you must let Pete Stringer know what you intend to do BEFORE the event)
- Take your vehicle to a local repairer close to home
- Take your vehicle farther afield for repairs (only with the permission of Pete Stringer)

What you CAN’T do:
- Drive your car to the shops
- Drive your car to work
- Use your car to perform services for which you receive payment
- Continue to use your club registered vehicle if your club membership has expired

What you MUST do:
- Be a current financial member of an RMS approved car club eg HBFG
- Maintain your vehicle in a roadworthy condition
- Carry your certificate of approved operations (pink certificate from the RMS) in the vehicle at all times
- Carry proof of current club membership (your membership card will do)
- Have the latest copy of the Sporty Note or the event flyer that says HBFG are invited
- Make sure Pete Stringer is always informed of your vehicles planned movements
- Tell Pete Stringer immediately if:
     a) You cease to be a member of the club and are therefore no longer eligible to participate in the scheme
     b) Your vehicle registration lapses
     c) You sell the vehicle  - historic rego is not transferrable and the plates must be removed and returned to the RMS upon sale of the vehicle

All HBFG members are required to contact Pete to confirm their historic registration details immediately because if the RMS decides to conduct an audit on the books and we fail dismally, guess what, we risk expulsion from the scheme. We need to make sure we take care of ourselves and let the other clubs continue to be the ones doing the stuffing up. If you want to know more about the scheme feel free to read up here:


Pete can be contacted by phone or email – refer to the Sporty Note or the HBFG website for details.