How To Join the Club

  1. Read The HBFG Mission statement – (Membership / HBFG Mission Statement)

  2. If you are joining to register a vehicle through the club you should be familiar with the RMS regulations. (Membership / Section 6 of the Constitution)

    • This outlines the club rules to comply to RMS regulations for use of the vehicle

  3. Down load and complete a Membership Application form (Membership / Membership and Vehicle Registration Forms)
  4. One Vehicle registration form is with the membership form.Additional
    • Vehicle registration forms can be downloaded from the save menu
  5. Scan the forms and send to the club email address or the membership secretary listed in (About / Contact us) or mail the forms to the Club Po Box.
  6. Pay the appropriate subscription, using one of the three methods indicated below or shown on the Membership Form.
  7. Membership is not guaranteed and is subject to approval by the committee,

    • If your application is not accepted then your subscription will be refunded.

    • Membership does not automatically guarantee that any vehicle you own will be accepted for club registration and is conditional that the vehicle fits the profile of the club.

    • All vehicles registered through the club MUST comply with the RMS rules for Historic or Classic vehicle registration.

    • All vehicles registered through the club must have a current Pink Slip for registration and be sighted each year by the registrar or designated person for compliance.

    • Renewal Due Date 31st march each year
    • Renewal for existing members $50,00
    • New member joining from 1st March to 31st September $70.00 ($20 Admin Fee)
    • New member joining from 1st October to 31st March $45.00 ($20 Admin Fee)

How to renew Your Membership

  1. Download and complete a membership form
    • Scan and email a copy to the membership secretary,
    • or the club email address
    • or a physical copy to the club PO Box as indicated below and on the membership form.
  2. Pay for a subscription using one of the three ways indicated below and on the membership form

PAYMENT OF SUBSCRIPTIONS and Submitting documents

  • Web site Paypal facility – click on this link   ( Join or Renew Your Membership Subscription) and select the appropriate fee plan
  • Pay direct into the club Newcastle Permanent account, details below
  • Mail your application to the Club PO BOX you can also include a cheque, however the box is not cleared daily and a response may be delayed.


  • Club Bank Account details Hunter British Ford Group
  • Newcastle Permanent Building Society
  • BSB 650300             Account # 982532718
  • Please use your name for the reference so that we can track the payer.
  • Scan and mail to

    • Club Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • or to the club membership secretary
  • Physical Mailing details Hunter British Ford Group
  • PO Box 2051
  • Greenhills NSW 2323