There are Three Levels of User Access:

    • Non registered user
    • Registered user
    • Financial club member

A Non Registered User can open the web site by using the web site url and access basic information regarding the club and its activities, but also the information necessary to join the club.

A Registered User  has access to more information than a non registered user.

          To Register you must have an email address


  • On the left hand side of the home page below the login zone select "create an account"
    • This will allow you to enter your name 
    • A user name you wish to use for login 
    • A password of your choice
    • Your email address.

No other information is required

  • The web site administrator will approve your request provided that the details you provide are consistent with a genuine request, but may delayed or rejected if you use a very creative user name or email address
  • If your registration is not accepted then you can call one of the committee members to discuss it.
  • You will be notified by email if access as a Registered User is approved.

Financial Members of the club  All financial members are registered users of the web site and can be contacted regarding:

  • social activities
  • Legal requirements for the operation of Historic and classic vehicles
  • The status of their membership
  • any other notifications to the members
  • Your Member Profile is created by the administrator if pay your subscription directly to the club account or by check.
  • Your Member Profile is created by yourself if you pay your subscription through the PayPal option.
  • Your information recorded on the web site is limited and a copy is sent to users or members when they register as a user or become a member.
  • A members profile is only accessible by the member and the web site administrator for editing and communication.
  • Members can update or check their details by logging onto the site  - on the top menu select Membership / My Details


Enjoy the web site


web site co-ordinator